SAP Tutorial - The SAP Menu Screen Explained Part 2

On this page I will show you the Status Bar of a SAP Screen and explain about various things on the status bar.

SAP Status Bar
SAP Status Bar

I wanted to show you this area of SAP Screen for 3 things:

1. It can tell you about currently running T-CODE, Program Name, or SAP System Name along with Client Number
2. It can give you a good idea about the time taken to complete a task in SAP
3. It tells you whether you are in INSERT mode or OVERWRITE MODE.

This small Pop up appears when you click the small icon next to where SESSION MANAGER is written on the current screen.

As described on my old posts, you can create your favorite list of frequently used programs / t-codes and that can be your default menu. Have a look at the below screen. It displays my favorite transactions menu.

SAP Favorites Menu
SAP Favorites Menu Folders

As you can see I have many favorite folders Starting with Year End and ending with Basis. I have multiple sub-folders / sub menus and transactions within these menus / folders. have a look at the screen below:

SAP Favorites Menu - Expanded
SAP Favorites Menu - Expanded View

Now it will be clear to you that SAP Menu is like a Windows Explorer tree structure where you have folders and within those folder you can organize sub folders / transactions.

In the next session I will begin the actual Sales and Distribution User Education....

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