SAP Sales & Distribution for End Users - Part 2

SAP Sales & Distribution for End Users - Part 2

The Sales and Distribution in SAP from end user's perspective has got 2 parts mainly.

1. Master Data
2. Order Processing

1. Master Data

SAP is a Master Data Driven System. Master Data Under Sales and Distribution module comprises of 2 major things:

A. Customers Related Master Data
B. Other Related Master Data such as Materials, Pricing, Taxes etc.

Customer Related Master Data is the central point of control for following 4 activities in SAP.
Sold to Party
Bill to Party
Ship to Party
Payer Party

These are also called partner functions in SAP. Apart from these there are certain more customer master records such as One Time Customer, Inter Company Customer, Plants etc.

To Create a Customer Master Record one has to follow the SAP Menu as shown in below screen or you can directly type XD01 or VD01 (as the case may be) in the command field on the top left corner of SAP Screen.
SAP Menu - Create Customer

When you select VD01 - Sales and Distribution, the system presents you with input screens where you can define sales related master data of a customer. When you select XD01 - Complete the system gives you option to define the company code related master data of a customer. The difference between these 2 is that in VD01 you can define a customer master from Sales Perspective only whereas in XD01 you have the complete master data creation capabilities including defining accounting links.

I will first show you 3 screens which appear after you choose VD01

On the first screen you are required to enter Customer Code (if your system is configured to generate it automatically then this may not be needed), have a look below:

Here you enter the 5 key elements related to Customer Master Record.

Account Group - as mentioned above.
Customer Code
and 3 elements related to Sales Area discussed earlier in this tutorial.

when you click the Ok Button (Tick Mark Button) or press Enter, you get to see the first view of customer master which is called GENERAL DATA. Look at the screen below:
VD01 - Create Customer - General Data Screen

On this page you have multiple tabs where you can fill required information and then click the SALES AREA DATA button (see the red outlined button in the image above). Now you will see the second view of the same customer master record as shown below:

VD01 - Create Customer - Sales Area Data Screen

As you can see, SAP gives you multiple tabs on this screen as well.

We will discuss these tabs and creation of a Customer Master Record Centrally (XD01) in the next session....

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