SAP Sales & Distribution for End Users - Part 1

SAP Sales and Distribution for End Users - Part 1

In this section we will describe the routine tasks followed / performed in Sales and Distribution Component of SAP.

Before we proceed into Sales and Distribution, let me give you some idea about the SAP Graphical User Interface (GUI).

SAP GUI is a program which you are required to install on desktop / laptops in order to be able to access SAP ERP systems.

Once installed, the shortcut to SAP GUI look is like the image below:

When you start the program by double clicking this shortcut you may get to see a windows as shown below:

You can see that there are 4 SAP Server Connections already defined in the window above. As discussed earlier, the general SAP Landscape consists of 4 Servers and connection to all 4 servers is defined in this. You can log in into any or all of these servers as per your requirement (all at the same time too).

When you double click any connection, the SAP Logon Screen appears as below, and you are required to choose the Client Number, your username, and password. Your Username and Password will be assigned by your System Administrator.

after entering the required details simply press enter and you will get inside SAP System's Menu. The menu that appears after successful log on depends on the your Role assigned to you by your SAP System Administrator. A Typical SAP Menu looks like the screen below:

On these Pages we will be describing only SAP SALES related activities, so let me show you how a typical SAP SALES MENU looks like.

Please note the Menu Header text which says "SAP Easy Access   Sales" and now the SAP Menu contains items related to Sales module. All other menu items are no more visible.

This means the menu is customizable and your SAP System Administrator (or you yourself) can change the way your normal SAP Menu appears every time you log in.

In the next post I will describe various parts of this screen and then we will move forward on SAP Sales and Distribution Learning Path.

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